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Republic of the Philippines UNIFIED MULTI-PURPOSE ID UMID CARD APPLICATION FORM 07-2013 THIS FORM IS NOT FOR SALE AND CAN BE REPRODUCED PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AT THE BACK BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS FORM. This form shall be used in applying for initial or replacement UMID card. 2. Fill out this form in one 1 copy without erasures and alterations. I trust that the above data shall remain confidential hence I give my consent that the same data be secured and accessed for subsequent validation...
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What is umid card application form?

The Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) is a four-in-one identification card that Filipinos can use to transact with government agencies such as the Social Security System (SSS), Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG Fund. The UMID is also accepted as a valid ID in all other transactions. This makes it one of the most powerful IDs in the Philippines. But unlike getting a passport, a UMID card application is quite simpler and easier even for fresh college graduates who are starting out in their first job.

What is the Purpose of umid card application form?

The purpose of the application is to acquire the UMID Card, which allows the owner to transact in government offices and agencies, like SSS, GSIS, Pagibig and Philhealth. The card itself is considered a valid ID document, from domestic airports to banks. After filling the form and filing it the applicant can apply for a loan, cash advance in GSIS Gwaps/Kiosk, you can or use it on your SSS transactions, Pagibig and Philhealth.

When is umid card application form Due?

There is no particular due date for aplying. Hwever the application form should be filled in advance.

Is umid card application form Accompanied by Other Documents?

The applicant should fill out the the application form online in advance, so he or she doesn’t miss any information needed, like your SSS Number etc. Active members can surely process their application anytime at working hours and days. Every applicant needs two Valid IDs (photocopy and original) to add to the application.

What Information do I Provide in umid card application form?

Applying for a UMID card there are important things to keep in mind before you start filling the application. The applicant has to fil the form personally; The applicant has to make sure to meet all UMID requirements and be eligible for UMID card; All the applicants should have no existing SSS ID or UMID cards; Pay at least one-month SSS contribution; Provide a valid date of coverage (the date you started as an active SSS member); Provide an original or certified true copy of any of the following: passport, driver’s license, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) card, or Seaman’s Book.

If you don’t have any of those IDs, check here the other IDs and documents accepted.

Where do I Send umid card application form?

If you are a government employee, go to the GSIS Enrolment Center; If you are a private employee or self-employed or OFW – you might be an SSS member so go to the SSS branch; If you are both SSS and GSIS member, go to the GSIS so that your UMID that will have the banking facility feature of the eCard Plus.

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Instructions and Help about umid id application form
Hi Janis here of Penna investor today I'm going to share with you the steps on how to apply for um ID or unified multi-purpose ID card before we start I'd like to invite you to visit my new blog which is pin I investor mom calm so what is um ID again um ID stands for the unified multi-purpose ID the um ID will be the single ID card of all SSS GS is Phil health and buggy big members and this is a sample of the unified multi-purpose ID, so these are the steps on how to apply for um ID or unified multi-purpose ID card the first step is to obtain an um ID card application form by visiting an SSS branch nearest you or downloaded from the SSS website I'll also post the link at the description box below this is the unified multipurpose ID card application form and this is what you're going to fill out if you're going to apply for this um ID card the second step is to fill out the um ID card application form in one copy without erasers and alterations then you have to place a checkmark on the applicable box and always indicate n/a or not applicable if the required data is not applicable, and then you have to present identification documents so any one of the following primary documents such as driver's license passport PRC card and seaman's book if you don't have any of the primary documents then you have to submit any two of the following secondary documents one of which with signature and photo so just check through the list, and I'll also give you a link at the description box below the next step is to fill out appropriate items in the following format make sure you follow the format to avoid any discrepancies on your personal information and then write the height in centimeters and weight in kilograms just follow the conversion guide next is in item 11 limit the distinguishing features to those that can be found on the face such as mole under the right eye and mole or birthmark on the left cheek or forehead for card replacement pay the required fee at any SSS branch office or accredited bank or collecting agent and submit this form together with the required documents and validated miscellaneous payment form or special bank receipt with miscellaneous payment form to the nearest SSS branch office for card replacement due to amendment of data or authenticating finger submit the previously issued SSS or um ID card, so again those are the steps on how to apply for um ID or unified multi-purpose ID card I will also publish a post on a step-by-step process on how to apply for um ID on my new blog at Piney Investor mom calm if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to post them down below at the comment section, and please don't forget to subscribe to my channel it's a benign investor and visit my blogs at B'Nazi investor calm and benign investor mom calm thank you for watching
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